To develop brand loyalty among consumers, you need to control the way your products are presented!


You've made a considerable investment to build brand recognition by:

  • building a company site that compliments and promotes your organization;
  • creating online presentations to showcase product(s) uniqueness;
  • advertising to draw customers to buy your products;
  • developing quality products at competitive prices;
  • delivering your goods efficiently and professionally.

But your products are sold on hundreds of ecommerce sites over which you have no control at all. Many display your company products in a satisfactory manner, but others have mediocre websites, and most do little to capitalize on the investment you've made to promote brand loyalty. You may have invested in video, alternate views, 360° rotation, etc. only to discover that most of the ecommerce sites selling your products cannot implement technology of this nature. So, what's the answer?

Get Control

You can control how your products are presented on every website with our "product tour" technology. Decide what images and rich media your products deserve, and let us dynamically serve all the elements to every retailer with one simple hyperlink. Your product tour will be branded with logos, and filled with information you decide consumers need to make a buying decision. Best of all, your product tour can be accessed from any website. There are no bandwidth requirements for delivery on the part of you or your dealers. All images will be crisp, all video will be high-quality, and all copy will be spell checked. Regardless of how other products are featured, you will have total control of how consumers view yours.

Maintain Control

Make changes to your "product tour" content through one simple admin panel from any web browser. Changes are instantly "live" on every site linked to your product tour, so you maintain control. Add a color option to a product? Simply upload the new image and every website linked is updated.

Encourage Sales

We all know that retailers often do not carry every color option or version of a product. In most cases, dealers dictate what consumers purchase and what manufacturers sell based on what they decide to stock. This seems fair only to the dealer. By including all options in your product tour, you can encourage consumers to ask for what you have made available. This can provide valuable feedback for retailers to help determine what their customers want, without buying all available options initially.

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