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Online retailers and manufacturers share the same goal to increase product sales - we have an approach for both!

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Shoppers in stores can stroll the aisles, handle items, speak to clerks, and receive well placed merchandising messages. It’s not that easy for ecommerce merchants and just having a website isn't enough anymore. Now, a combination of dynamically served product images including alternative views, full 360-degree spin, zoom and product video tells the whole story. After all, dynamic zoom and pan allows shoppers to examine a product in detail, 360-degree spin creates an in-store experience, matching the process of picking up and examining the item, and video replaces the in-store salesperson, demonstrating with perfect clarity the product features and benefits--on demand (no waiting for the clerk to finish up with another customer!). And the ability of video to educate, inform, and show off products in all their glory has proven again and again to complement the product images and details.

Perfect Delivery

The perfect execution leverages an "integrated viewer or player" that serves rich dynamic content that spins, zooms, changes color, gives alternate views and plays video. A user must be able to easily toggle back and forth between each dynamic content type.

To this end, EMG has developed mixed-media "product tours" that enable even non-technical users to easily watch video, view color and multiple view angles, rotate an item, and zoom images. We also offer syndication on a variety of topics in our video library. Choose videos to enhance sales from existing titles, or we can custom-produce specific video for your needs.


While it is important to deliver what online consumers want and expect, equally important is implementation. If the development process is complex and expensive, those who really want to give customers the ultimate online shopping experience simply cannot justify the cost involved to do so. Furthermore, manufacturers need to ensure their products are presented consistently across all websites offering their goods.

EMG's new "product tours" address and solve these issues by combining all rich media elements into one simple player. Retailers can link to the product tour from any purchase page, and manufacturers can share the link with any retailer offering their products.

Total Control

Once "product tours" are online, changes to images, descriptions, specs, etc. will be inevitable. If a webmaster has to be paid for every little change, again cost rears its ugly head. Not to mention the complexity of orchestrating changes to every website offering a manufacturer's products.

With a unique combination of content management and Flash technology, EMG clients can easily make changes to "product tours" from one simple admin control panel. Changes made are instantly "live" across all sites linked to a product tour.


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