Affordable options for technology proven to make a positive impact on customer buying decisions.


In a Nutshell…

Product Tours are website windows we develop to present products using dynamic rich media. The end result is similar to what Adobe Scene7 delivers, but the process is less complicated and the cost is more affordable. Product Tours offer an affordable alternative for small to mid-size retailers seeking to enhance their websites, and manufacturers seeking to control how their products are displayed on every website.

Getting Started

The first step to making improvements to presentation methods is to examine the options and determine what new features will help drive sales. Our online "product tours" display products in a consistent, branded format on every website. Whether you are an online retailer seeking to enhance item purchase pages, or a manufacturer/distributor looking for complete control over how your products are featured on every website, we have options designed to meet your needs.

Determining Goals

Acquiring the digital imagery required to present rich media is by far the most time-consuming, costly phase. We have inhouse capabilities and studios for photography, video, editing, post-production, animation, music selection, voiceover, and graphic treatment to help acquire the necessary elements. Engaging one source for these services reduces the cost. We can help you determine a budget, then tailor a plan to accomplish your objectives without breaking the bank! If you already have product images, videos, or other elements, those existing materials can be used to develop your "product tour" for Internet delivery.

Delivering the Goods

Once we know what you need, how much you want to spend, and how quickly you wish to implement - nobody delivers like EMG. Our goal is to render top-quality services on-time and in-budget, with minimal demands on your time and in a format that you can control. We accomplish all that at the absolute lowest price you will find.